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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I've Moved!

Hey, guys! I've moved to a new site! I've decided to take this new step so I can seriously pursue my writing and publishing thing. Brewed Thoughts would still be around, although I will not be updating it anymore. Please do visit my new website for the latest news and updates from me. Thank you!

Monday, October 5, 2015

On (Finally) Writing and Releasing That WIP in the Wild

Three years ago, a story idea popped in my head and it's been there ever since It all started with my fascination for Philippine mythology and folklore, perhaps due to all the feels from reading Arnold Arre's graphic novels Mythology Class and After Eden. I've always been curious about the occult and the paranormal, though the only real "dabbling" I ever did with it was to write a story. I'm sure writers have been plagued with the same experience of plot bunnies disturbing their every day thoughts that they just needed to get them written or they'd go stark raving mad. The only way to get the bunnies to at least take a rest was for me to do something about it. So I did some research on lower myths and pantheons, read up on pre-Hispanic life and culture, and watched shows and documentaries until I was able to get the material I needed to start drafting characters and establishing the plot. The result: Bloodline Maharlika.

There's nothing ordinary about Owenn Magpantay the moment awareness seeped through her consciousness. A demi-goddess born from the line of maharlika and Bathala himself, Owenn is the hope for peace between mortal and the divine. But when the god Apolaki decried Bathala's love for humans, Owenn became his ultimate target. Together with her half-sister, the bathaluman Mayari, they travel to present day Manila where Owenn must eventually face the evil of Apolaki with the help of Companions descended from the warrior nobility.

Friday, October 2, 2015

#StrangeLit Story Bundles Are LIVE!

So last July, I signed up for a writing workshop called #StrangeLit facilitated by Mina V. Esguerra and Bronze Age Media, as well as sponsored by Buqo. This was different from the previous workshops of Mina that I've attended, mainly because it's about paranormal and urban fantasy. I have a soft spot for fantasy because it saved my sanity once when I was going through emo stuff back in college. Ever since then, I've been reading one fantasy book after another, and I thought it would be a good challenge to try my hand in writing a story in the said genre. 

History has a way of repeating itself, but I won't bore you with the details. This workshop came at the right time, and I couldn't be more thankful I was part of it. The story that's been in my head for so long has finally seen the light of day.

So, long story short, by September 5 I had a finished novelette and managed to make it through the deadline. My story, Bloodline Maharlika, has been bundled with 9 other stories under a common theme: Incredible Truths. There are 41 finished stories in total, also grouped into themes: Killer Seasons, Fateful Turns, and Darkest Dreams. And the best part is they're now available on Buqo

Photo from Buqo
Incredible Truths ebook bundle where my story is included
I hope you can support us indie authors in getting more people to read and appreciate our work. You can purchase each book bundle at the introductory price of Php 90. Regular price will be Php 250. I'll be announcing more stuff as we go along (like a giveaway, the launch, etc.), but in the meantime I hope you can grab the chance to avail of the ebook bundles. And if you already have, thank you! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

MIND = BLOWN (Or When We Had a #RomanceClass Read-Along With Theater Pros)

So, I was supposed to do a post for #StrangeLit, but I just need to get this out, now. Haha. I seriously don't know how to begin this blog post. Perhaps this image would better describe things:

GIF via Tumblr

Let me backtrack a bit to tell you about what happened last night. Last month, author Mina V. Esguerra asked the #romanceclass group for a meetup at the end of September for "something special". Sounds cryptic, but exciting! I was adamant to attend at first, because it was right smack in the middle of the work week, not to mention that Manila experienced its first carmageddon a few weeks before September 30th. But by some sheer stroke of luck, my schedule cleared and I was able to leave early and have time to chat with another fellow author.

When everyone else arrived at The Study at the Podium Mall, it felt like a high school reunion of sorts. Beso here, chika was fun reconnecting with fellow authors even if we've been tweeting/chatting with each other online on an almost daily basis. But while waiting for Mina, we were already so stoked for the surprise thing. Then someone mentioned seeing Mina's Instagram post

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fun Times at the MIBF 2015

Where did the weekend go?

But seriously, I had an awesome weekend attending the 36th Manila International Book Fair. Most of my friends were there on the first day, and I had to sit through endless tweets about how awesome the place was with few attendees and spacious hallways. But when the weekend came, I was raring to go. I arrived early at the venue and was surprised to find a long line as early as 8am. Good thing it was the queue for the international authors' book signings, so I was able to get inside without having to wait that long. 

Saturday was the busiest day for me at the book fair as I took it upon myself to be quick and shop for the books I already planned to get. It was good thinking because when Sunday came, it was hard to navigate around the hall with so many people jostling for space as they browsed and lined up at the cashier. Sunday was more laid back, and thankfully I was able to curb my impulse to buy more books. 

Here are a few photos documenting my awesome MIBF experience:

Stacks of Soul Books at the Bookmark booth.
It looks like they had a lot of copies as they replenished as soon as the pile was depleted.